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Thread: Network edition to Opensouce and migration to other server

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    Default Network edition to Opensouce and migration to other server

    Hi all,

    I've got the network edition installed (latest version) and will downgrade to the open source due to not need anymore the network edition.
    After that, I will need to migrate the whole zimbra installation to another server (with lower spec) with same OS installed; that is Ubuntu.

    Do I need just to copy/paste the whole /opt/zimbra folder and start it on the second server?

    Is there a simply way to transfer the existing accounts and their contacts etc to the other server than copying in case that it can be done that way?


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    You can install ZCS OSE on the new server, rsync /opt/zimbra and then reinstall the correct OSE binaries (./ -s) over the rsynced one.
    There are several threads on this in the forum and some help on the wiki.

    You can also have a look at ZeXtras Migration tool (works both with NE and OSE).

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