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Thread: Zimbra using wrong MX of destination domain

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    Lol Bill, as one of the main contributors to this forum, you should really drop the attitude.

    I interpreted your 2nd last post as confusing, when taken into account information that had already been posted.

    So I posted a clarification, for any future readers.

    Other than that, thanks for your help so far.

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    "It does exactly that and the response is given by the DNS server, it's not any choice that Zimbr makes."

    Zimbra, as it is an SMTP server, DOES make the choice! DO you know what I mean?

    Zimbra, as it is a software application, must interpret the DNS response. And if it was to break smtp protocol, it could implement its own algorithm, and select any MX it wants!

    Perhaps you should write: ""It does exactly that and the response is given by the DNS server, and Zimbra uses the correct MX based on SMTP standards of MX preference."

    Make more clarification, rather than just posting unqualified statements, and thereby more confusion.

    "I understand that but I wanted to see the information that all those commands gave."

    Then why didn't you say so?

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    Same problem with wrong MX priority by Zimbra for outgoing SMTP connection on ZCS 8.0.3. Zimbra waiting untill getting timeout to offline MX 20, and ignores MX 10 which answered OK with telnet testing (and testing from others MTA - includes others Zimbra server installations).

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