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Thread: Help! MTA will not start

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    Unhappy Help! MTA will not start

    Hey Everyone,

    out of the blue after restarting the server my MTA will not start. I found my logs were no longer owned by zimbra, but root and set them back. But I who is supposed to own my postfix folder etc? Is there a list of what postfix needs to own? Thanks.

    Oct 27 16:10:11 localhost zimbramon[8446]: 8446:info: Starting mta
    Oct 27 16:10:11 localhost postfix/postqueue[9025]: fatal: Connect to the Postfix showq service: Permission denied

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    You'll find a script in /opt/zimbra/libexec (I think) called zmfixperms, run that as root and see if it fixes your permissions problems.


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    Default Fixed!

    Thanks, it worked like a charm. I must have run a zm command as root by mistake at some point. Everything looks good know. I might add root user checks to my commonly used zm commands to keep me from doing that, the devs might want to do the same. Thanks again!

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    You're on Debian, right?
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