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Thread: Auto-Reply on Forwarded Emails

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    Default Auto-Reply on Forwarded Emails

    We have a domain setup on a Zimbra server and when an employee sets up the auto-reply it works just fine if sent to that address. I was asked to create aliases to all of those addresses from our primary mail system.

    So the domain, for example on Zimbra is but aliases on another mailsystem were created for each ispteam. Naturally the autoreply works just fine if mail is sent directly to but not to which forwards directly to the Zimbra address.

    Is there a way around this that anyones aware of on Zimbra?

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    No luck yet in finding an easy solution to having Zimbra do an autoreply for a forwarded email. Do I perhaps need to set the as an alias on Zimbra but I'm not sure of what that might effect.

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