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Thread: IMAP stops working after upgrade

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    Default IMAP stops working after upgrade

    Server stops(i mean it stops work with user queries, service is working according to zmcontrol stats) working 1-2 times a day, there is no any errors in logs, accept messages about "sqltrace - Slow execution", and cpu usage grows but not more than 30%.
    When this happens, i see that almost whole system begin work very slowly.

    Zimbra is running on VirtualBox with 8Gb of Ram and 4 CPUs

    Situation is similar to one described in thread

    That things begin after upgrade server to UBUNTU 10LTS and to Release 7.1.1_GA_3196.UBUNTU10_64.
    I made all configuration according to Performance Tuning Guidelines for Large Deployments but it changed nothing.

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    Todays morning a new message appeared in terminal:
    task java:blocked for more than 120 seconds
    and server stop working at all nether ssh nor even keyboard...

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