Hi, I'm a newbie but a big fan of Zimbra.

Just installed Zimbra (ZCS-7.1.1_GA.RHEL) on a Centos 5 (i386) machine using this guide, Zimbra Collaboration Suite Open Source Edition On CentOS | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials.

During installation, I have been warned of the following
- platform: this platform is CentOS5, packages found: RHEL5, this may or may not work.

- port conflict detected: 25 (zimbra-mta)

Apart from those, I think installation was completed properly.

I was able to send email from an account I created on my new Zimbra server to externally hosted addresses, including @live.com. But my problem is receiving incoming emails. I believe the messages reached my Zimbra server but not delivered to the intended mailbox.

I can see from the Administration console that there are messages being held up in the 'Deferred' category with the error/reason: "connect to quake.ourtelekom.net.sb[]:7025: connection refused". There is one with the the port indicated as 25.

Can someone please assist.