We are in the process of migrating from scalix to zimbra.

Currently with our Scalix setup, email for a domain hits our net facing mta's then is either delivered to our standard mailstore, or, remap'd to user@scalix.domain and delivered to scalix.

On scalix the user is then setup with a From: address of their original email address, prior to the remap and the remap'd user@scalix.domain address is hidden.

This allows us companys to split email for their domain across 2 servers, with it being transparent to all but our internal systems.

We are trying to achieve this same split domain email with Zimbra, however, taking the same approach we have taken with Scalix, is not working with Zimbra.

Scalix groups users by Mailnode, Zimbra groups via domain. On scalix a single domain can exist over multiple mailnodes, we cant do this with Zimbra.

I hope people understand and can be some help.