Okay... I had an installation of Zimbra installed and running, however I found that it was falling short of my needs so I stopped using it and decided to look at other solutions.

I was on the pfSense.org forums and there was a user there that suggested that I come to the forums here to find out why it was falling short of my needs as someone here might be able to suggest something. So here goes, hoefully someone can help me.

I'm looking for a mail/calendar/contact solution that will sync with my iPhone without using a hosted solution. The problem is, I'm a one man show, I do have another agent, so I guess you could say I'm a two-man show. Therefore, I cannot afford to go into the Network Edition. I need to get the following functionality with the community edition.

I don't like saying that I need a FREE solution because I'm willing to pay for addons or extensions. However, I can't sign up for any subscription plans.

I need to configure Zimbra (or some other solution) to allow for:

1. iPhone calendar (2-way sync)
2. Push emails
3. iPhone contacts (2-way sync)

In addition, if I can get blackberry and android devices with the same functionality that would be great. However, it is not necessary.

Can anyone help me or is Zimbra not going to cut it?