G'day all,

I'm using ZCS 7.1.1 Network Edition. I've got 3 accounts I care about, 2 use blackberry and 1 uses iphone. About 9G of mail and a mildly custom mail routing configuration.

My system is running in an Ubuntu 10.04LTS 64 bit virtual machine, and the original Zimbra install was onto a clean base system.

I started with ZCS 7.1. When 7.1.1 was release I "upgraded" to it following the upgrade instructions. Something went horribly wrong with the database portion of the upgrade and left me with a b0rked system. I manually kludged my way through most of the upgrade script, skipping the mysql portion and got the system running. It has been ticking along nicely (in the don't fix it if it aint broke sense) for a couple of months now.

Now 7.1.2 is out I'm considering upgrading. The issue is I *know* I can't just upgrade as it'll break even further.

I thought I could perform a full backup, install a clean VM, install 7.1.1 and restore the backup.

Will this get me to a clean and functional 7.1.1 that I can then run the 7.1.2 upgrade on?

I'm assuming restoring a 7.1.1 backup onto a clean 7.1.2 install would be a dumb thing to do.

The other thing is I now have 2 activations on my license (the original install and the 7.1.1 upgrade). Is there a grace period for license activations if you've run out to allow you to arrange more?