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Thread: Sorting out blobs after a filesystem restore

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    Default Sorting out blobs after a filesystem restore

    users reported NO_SUCH_BLOB errors on WebClient. running a zmblobchk showed many missing msg's. luckily i had a recent backup of the volume and rsynced the two filesystems.

    However, now zmbloblchk shows 'unexpected blobs' for some mailboxes. if i understand this correctly, this means that now i have msg' on the filesystem that i dont have data for in mysql.

    zmblobchk has '--missing-blob-delete-item' option to remove mysql data based on what doesnt exist on disk. But what im looking to do is mv or rm all these blobs that i have on disk after the restore that dont exist on mysql.

    whats a good way to go about clearing up my hsm volume at this point? im hoping its not a manual rm of all the files that show 'unexpected blob'


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    Since no one ever answered and I've had the same problem here's what I've done. I searched through endless postings such as Ajcody-Notes-No-Such-Blob - Zimbra :: Wiki and had some very good help on part of the problem but at the end of it I was not able to find a tool or any instructions that I could follow well enough to deal with the leftover blobs.

    My solution was to write a quick & dirty perl script that takes the output from:
    zmblobchk --unexpected-blob-list /tmp/unexpected-blobs.txt start
    then run that through grep:
    grep -v [.]bak /tmp/unexpected-blobs.txt >/tmp/unexpected-blobs-cleaned.txt

    After that, had a perl script search for the "for" and "From:" addresses in each file (some didn't have them) and if it passed a couple checks - I used:
    PHP Code:
    zmlmtpinject -r $toaddress -s $fromaddress $messagepath 
    to resend the messages.

    Most of the messages that had valid emails were resent... some wouldn't send as the recipient was rejected, but in the end the majority of them showed up in the mailboxes.

    I then took a copy of each blob file to an alternate location in case there's a need for further review.

    Where I'm stuck now is how to clean them out of the filesystem... I am not sure if it's safe to delete them. I've tried zmblobchk --missing-blob-delete-item but that doesn't seem to do anything to them.

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