Hi everyone. First time poster, so if this isn't in the right spot or right format, I apologize. Be gentle. :-P

So I am attempting to set up Zimbra and get it to connect with the SAMBA client. I am following the step by step instructions in the UNIX and Windows Accounts in Zimbra LDAP and Zimbra Admin UI - Zimbra :: Wiki guide. I am currently at the part where I need to install the nis.ldif file and the converted samba.ldif following the instructions found in the guide at Adding ldap indices - Zimbra :: Wiki

My error comes when I attempt to start the modification. I input the following command:

ldapmodify -x -H ldapi:/// -D cn=config -W

It then asks me for the LDAP password, which I put in. Then.... nothing. The cursor moves down one row, and blinks. Nothing else. I have no idea what the issue is or might be. Was the ldapmodify command the correct format? Any other help with this would be amazing. Thanks!