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Thread: Configuration problem - smtpd_milters

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    Default Configuration problem - smtpd_milters


    We're currently evaluating Zimbra on behalf of one of our customers.

    We need to implement MIMEdefang for some previously written email handling. I understand that we need to use "smptd_milters" and give it the value of "unix:/var/spool/MIMEdefang/mimedefang.sock".

    So far I have tried setting this variable using both postconf and zmlocalconfig. After that the output of both these commands show that the variable is indeed set. However, as soon as issue a "postfix reload" the variable is reset and postconf shows that it is blank again.

    Where can I set this value so that it:
    • Survives a postfix reload (or similar) and
    • Survives a Zimbra update?

    I'm presuming that variable from zmlocalconfig should be somehow included (but are obviously not) in the configuration.

    Would appreciate any input - save me groping around in the dark.

    Thanks and Regards


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    Solved. I edited the and added the smtpd-milters info in there. It survived reloads and reboots so it will serve for the length of the eval.

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