I have installed both Asterisk along with its GUI and zimbra collaborative suite on same computer. Till the time i had not installed Asterisk GUI, I could access zimbra from the browser. Yesterday i installed Asterisk GUI. I could access asterisk configuration gui from the browser but i could not access zimbra collaborative suite from the browser. i changed port 80 for zimbra to port 81 and port 443 to port 444 as they were giving conflicts. now i can access asterisk gui, as well as i can access zimbra gui but i can't login to the zimbra. the username and passwords are correct. i use the following addresses for accessing the GUIs.

Asterisk GUI ... index.html

Zimbra Client GUI
Earlier i used to access it with

Zimbra Administrator GUI

Can i change the port number for asterisk GUI web access or the Zimbra so that i may use both of them on the same server without any problem? Kindly help me out.