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Thread: Balloons/tooltips do not show up in Internet Explorer 6.0

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    Default Balloons/tooltips do not show up in Internet Explorer 6.0

    After upgrading to 4.03 some computer the balloons/tooltips have disappeared in Internet Explorer 6.0 when hover over icons. User reported problem after upgrade. User said working before upgrade. I don't think it related. It is not just on Zimbra Email, balloons/tooltips do not show up on other webpage’s too. In Firefox balloons show up fine on same computer. Does anyone know how to get balloons/tooltips to show back up?
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    I'm slightly confused by what you've posted. Are you saying that the upgrade stops tooltips from working in zimbra and other web sites? Upgrading Zimbra won't cause other web sites to stop showing tooltips. Have you changed any IE settings that may have an effect on tooltips? Here a link to a page that tells you how to turn tooltips on, does that help?


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