Hi. I've used zimbra for a few years and I find it very good. I've always used what might be called a 'inferior' hardware setup because of lack of budget. Recently, I've been given the go ahead for something heftier and was hoping to get some advice from the forum.

The setup is for a very small radio station with about 25 users, and I'm figuring we will use ubuntu since debian is on the way out.

I guess my question is/are: what kind of hardware should I consider? Should it be virtualized? Is virtualbox ok for this? Should we have a second mailserver for failover? Software raid 1 ok?

What about a external firewall? We don't currently have one and Zimbra says don't use a firewall? Should we?

What is a good backup strategy for Zimbra?

I guess my questions really boil down to: if you had a limited budget (but at least had a budget) what is the best way to set something like this up and what would you like to see included?

Thanks a million for any thoughts you folks can offer.