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Thread: MTA server SSL certificate

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    Default MTA server SSL certificate

    Dear support community,

    So we have a multi-server Zimbra installation and everything is working. We have webmail address to MTA on HTTPs and that is working too. But we are ready to install SSL certs and I was wondering if anyone has ever done that before.

    What I am basically wondering if we need to install SSL certificate on MTA and how. I could not find any documentation on Zimbra support page for SSL installation. We are in NAT environment so wondering if anyone has done this and if they could assist or if you could please point me to good documentation that you may have.

    I very much appreciate your help in advance.

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    You'll find details on installing certificates in the wiki (link at the top of this page), search for the word "certificate" and "certificates".


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    Install the SSL cert on LDAP server first, and then remaining servers.

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