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Thread: Conflict info in the legal page v.s. the license

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    Question Zimbra logo, remove or retain - conflict between legal page v.s. Zimbra license

    Regarding the Zimbra logo, there seem to be a conflict in the information from the legal page versus the Zimbra license. What do you think?

    Zimbra - Trademark and Copyright Policy
    Open source licenses do not include a license to trademarks, and so for you to produce a derivative work of or a collective work including the Zimbra software for distribution consistent with trademark law, you must remove all occurrences of the Zimbra trademark and the Zimbra logo that are visible to users so that nobody can be confused that VMware, Inc. is the source or origin of your derivative or collective works.
    Zimbra - Zimbra Public License, Version 1.3 (ZPL)
    Zimbra - Zimbra Public License, Version 1.3 (ZPL)
    In any copy of the Software or in any Modification you create, You must retain and reproduce, any and all copyright, patent, trademark, and attribution notices that are included in the Software in the same form as they appear in the Software. This includes the preservation of attribution notices in the form of trademarks or logos that exist within a user interface of the Software
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