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Thread: Logging for mail servers

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    Default Logging for mail servers

    Greetings all,

    I would like to find out is it possible to create a log file in which we can track "Date/Time", "From", "To", "Subject", "Action", "Remarks"? The idea is to allow end users (non-techies) to do some audit trail or troubleshooting.

    If the end user suspects his/her mail cannot send out or he/she is not receiving a mail from someone, he/she can go to this log file to do a search. The "Action" or "Remarks" column will be able to tell him/her some details like "smtp sending error", "spam list in junk directory", etc.

    I had found such logging feature effective in doing 1st level of troubleshooting (a commercial anti-spam server has this). Thus, I do hope we can have this in Zimbra.



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    There use to be a command line tool called zmmsgtrace, but I believe it has been removed it would have worked for exactly what you're looking for. But other than the actual zimbra log file, or getting information from the logger database, I believe the answer is no.

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