Is there a way to customize the HTML and/or text global signature with a self-populating form?

Right now we have a png image with a negative margin set in the "style" definition of the "img" tag in the HTML for the global signature, and in each account we have a plain text signature with the Name, Telephone, Email address for each user, the idea was that the would align based on the negative margin set in the style, but it gets ignored and appear in different lines.

I thought that maybe using a php script we could get the contact information from the user and stick that in the HTML with the image and the signature would be self-populating, instead of having to create an image for each user, and set up the signature in each user's account manually.

Any ideas on what to try or where to read more on something like this?

Any other thoughts on how to implement custom signatures for each user managed from a central location?

Thanks for any help.