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Thread: SMTP Send Quota - Vote

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    Default SMTP Send Quota - Vote

    I've submitted an enhancement request via Zimbra's Bugzilla for SMTP send quotas.

    Here's the problem that makes this a necessity: 1) email client applications that leak spam, or 2) a password that has been stolen.

    The difference between what a person would send, and the amount of spam that a bot would send is widely different. So quotas don't have to be restrictive, right? And when the user complains it may be inconvenient for them, but it's a sign of a bigger problem. A sign you nor I have today to help us address compromised workstations or accounts.

    Vote here:

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    Version 7 of zimbra has policyd intergrated, but i think the policyd version used is stable one which dont have "accounting" module.
    We have seprately used policyd with accounting module for years now and it works just fine
    May be you can play with updating policyd with new beta version (at your own risk ) and you will get the desired functions.

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    Quick question.. Have you tried the Quotas module of cbpolicyd (the built-in version in Zimbra 7.1.1)?

    It allows you to set a message limit over time applied to your cbpolicyd policies. I mainly use it defining a Relay policy to limit external relay and seems to work pretty well..

    Have a nice day,
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