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Thread: Moving Mailbox from one MBS to another

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    Default Moving Mailbox from one MBS to another


    we have an installation with two MBSs Mailboxservers.
    In the Admin UI there is a functionality called "move account" where you can select to move the account to another mailboxserver.
    There are quite a few cases where this does not work. Does anyone know why this could be?
    if i create an account on MBS2 create an appointment, a contact and an email in it and then go to administration to move it to MBS1 it says in step one everything is fine with moving it, in step two looking at the account I noticed all the folders at the left are gone no matter what object i select at the top, and trying to delete it in step tree it fails...
    I have attached an screenshot to explain.
    Maybe someone could give me a hint what is going wrong.
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    I would advise you use zmmailboxmove on the command line. and a screen session. and have good backups.
    and then check the logs after you have moved it. its logged into /opt/zimbra/logs/mailbox.log
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