I have a paid ZCS NE 7.1 for 100 mailboxes. I need to add about 25 or so mailboxes to my domain, however, these mailboxes will be 'internal' only for users who only will mail within the domain (company). I'd like to save some cash by using ZCS OS Edition for these internal users.

Couple of ???'s

1. Is it possible to setup a 2nd server running the OS Edition that I could use for these 'internal' users? Can they be on the same Domain? All users need to communicate and I don't want GAL hassles.

2. I am using External Active Directory Authentication on the current NE. It would be nice if the users on the 'internal only' server used Zimbra LDAP since the Active Directory change password is still bugged ZCS.

I've looked over the multi-server install docs and it looks promising, but I was wondering what folks here would think and possibly give some pointers for how this could work.