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Thread: Web interface freezing

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    Default Web interface freezing

    Hi all
    I just finished installed zimbra on my new server. So far everything worked well, no problems encountered in installation steps.
    Hardware configuration is as following:
    CPU: Intel P-4 3000GHz, 2048 L2 cache
    RAM: 4096 MB
    HDD: 1x500GB SATA2 32 cache
    This configuration is used for a number of max 50 users and for a maximum 1000 e-mails per day - in the busiest day.
    But after the installation when i checked how respond the web interface i was disappoint because has moved very slowly. Same for the web administration interface.
    I checked my system and i observe that CPU is highly loaded, until 99 percent by the processes managed by zimbra. I found in the forum some suggestions to resolv this, but without any succes. The system is still overloaded.
    Only one process - java - take about 95 % of CPU usage. This process can be optimized? How can i do that?

    Another problem is listed below..
    Starting amavisd...amavisd is already running.
    Why happens and in what circumstances? Can be resolved?

    By the way, i reduced the number of processes started by amavisd from 10 to 1... and the problem still exist when i restarted zimbra.

    Best regards to all.

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    To be honest, I think your answer is here PassMark CPU Benchmarks - Common CPU's

    A single core P4 just doesn't have the processing power.
    Suse 11.2 Zimbra 7.0

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