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Thread: Retrieve mails from a folder

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    Question Retrieve mails from a folder

    Hi everyone! I apologize because my English isn't very good. I hope I can understand and help. Thanks

    The IT landscape is this:
    We use a zimbra mail server on Debian Lenny. We performed a full server backup with tar. We don't use their own system of zimbra backups.

    The incoviente is as follows:
    A user has lost mail in a specified folder, as we all know zimbra mail saves mails dir in /opt/zimbra/store/ and within this directory is 0 which includes all user boxes and the incomming directory for mails processed.
    Once I get the mailbox of the user in question, the tape recovered from the folder and I have all the mail for that user.
    Recover some mail is not a problem because I can locate with grep. The first problem I have is when I need to restore an entire folder, making a localized grep mail directory contains more than one domain (the user saved in the user I have to retrieve mail from a single domain) but does not restore what I need.
    The second problem I have is that I injectables all in the inbox and mixed with the mail containing the user in your inbox.
    The command to use to inject the mail to retrieve:

    zmlmtpinject -r -s -d /path/where_is_the_tape_recovered_folder

    What I need is:
    1) differentiate the folder or the contents of the folder to restore, I don't know if there is something like a mailboxid for the mails, I can associate the mail with the directory that contains it.
    2) inject mails in a folder that I can designate within the users mailbox.

    Already thank you very much for the contribution they can make.

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    Hey Kubitas, i have been having the same problem and i was wondering if you found a solution. Would appreciate it. Thank you.
    P/S i understood your English and i think its very good.

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