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Thread: Upgrade to Zimbra NE 7.x : anything required on client side?

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    Question Upgrade to Zimbra NE 7.x : anything required on client side?


    We plan to upgrade our 6.x setup to the latest 7.x this month, and there is just a short question with no answer (afaik) in the release notes: is anything necessary and mandatory on client side when switching from 6.x to 7.x ? (connector upgrade, zimbra desktop upgrade, etc.), or will it just continue to work fine ?

    I presume it is the case, but asking and make sure _before_ the upgrade will not hurt :-)

    Thanks & regards!

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    I can't say for the Zimbra Desktop, since we don't use it, but everything else should just work.

    Something to keep in mind for the Outlook connector though, 7.12 requires a Zimbra 7.12 mail server, it's not backwards compatible.

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    Cool, thanks for your answer Doug, I feel better now :-)

    Regards & nice week-end to you!

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    Smile Everything fine! :-)

    Just to let you know, upgrade went very smoothly and there were no problem at all (at least until now), even if there was a strange message about the license file during the upgrade:

    ZCS upgrade from 6.0.13 to 7.1.2 will be performed.
    Checking for available license file...
    Current Users=100 Licensed Users=100
    Checking for default IM conference room...already initialized.
    Setting up syslog.conf...done.
    Looking for valid license to install...failed to install license.
    Failed to install a license - this will prevent your server from functioning properly
    Please contact Zimbra to obtain a license
    Press RETURN to continue 
    Activating license...license activated.
    Starting servers...
    But everything looks good now, I'll check again in a few days...

    regards, --swix

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