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Thread: Statistics data issue

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    Default Statistics data issue

    hi, im looking that i have one big spike at 18:00 on the message count graphic, im trying to look in the logs to know who is the sender, i searched in zimbra.log and in mailbox.log but i cant find anything that tell me who is sending that massive emails (graphics shows 13348 at 18:00 yesterday)

    is there is something wrong with the statistic itself? or im not understanding how to read them

    im attaching the graph.
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    I also have something similar and I cannot figure out what it is. I all of a sudden have a spike of over 2000 on the Message Count graph. What does this mean, what can I look at to figure out what is going on?

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    I've created a bug report for this:
    back in July. Haven't heard a word from Zimbra. Maybe they can't replicate it.
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