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Thread: Self-service portal for users

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    Default Self-service portal for users

    We've recently noticed that almost all calls that come in from users are password reset requests, and/or account lockout issues.

    I've done a couple quick searches and found nothing to give users the ability to reset passwords on their own or unlock their accounts through a series of challenge questions/responses.

    looking around the net i see many Zimbra installs(mostly .EDU's) where they do provide their users with the ability to reset/unlock account through third party self service tools such as ADSelfService PLus(very popular) or something similar. This ofcourse means theyre using AD in the background for organization wide SSO.

    but if my ZCS install is using the builtin internal authentication mechanism(ldap), then are there any self-service tools available for Zimbra admins?

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    There are none available, but you could use the Zimbra SOAP API to create a web page and do the work for you.

    Be careful of how you do it to ensure it is the actual user who is requesting the reset though, since they won't know the new password to access any emails in their account to figure out what it is.
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    Did you find a tool for this? I'm wondering if an LDAP user management tool would work.

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    you can delegate an admin account for the domain and give them access to the admin console.

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