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Thread: spellchecker error after few secound

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    Default spellchecker error after few secound

    when I try to spell check, spellcheck works fine but after a few seconds off the spell checking mode. Then I must reopen the spellcheck mode.

    I can't find any errors in zimbra log directory.

    It's a bug?

    ZCS 7.1.2

    Firefox 5/6, Chrome checked.
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    # ZCS 7.1.3 SLES11 SP1

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    Same here
    can verify this in Chrome and Firefox on Win64

    i doubt we can see a error in the logs ever - looks like its an jscript error there

    sadly ife no time atm so i cant debug it further

    anyone else this issue?

    Edit: made a short test even in english its the same
    after readin some older post i also tryed to change the font - no luck

    Also text only mails having the same issue

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