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Thread: DL Admin rights...Cannot list admin users

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    Default DL Admin rights...Cannot list admin users

    Ive set up some distribution lists, and along side them, ive also created a secondary DL called as an "admin" group, cant recieve mail, hidden from gal, which contains users who can log in to the admin console and modify the list membership of

    Ive got the following grants configured for the admin group

    Under DL tab
    Targets: Distribution Lists -
    Granted Rights: addDistributionListMember, getDistributionListMembership, listDistributionList, removeDistributionListMember, viewDistributionListAdminUI
    Readable Attributes: All the attributes
    Modifiable Attributes: All the attributes

    Under the Accounts Tab
    Targets: All Accounts
    Granted Rights: listAccount
    Readable Attributes: All the attributes

    Along with the Distribution List View admin view.

    The problem i think i can see is:
    While the users can add/remove members as required... in the "find member" section, if the user they are trying to find is a global admin, no results are returned for them.

    They can, however, manually add the address in the box underneath, but this can lead to typo's and such.

    I have also tested it it with the default zimbradladmin group that is defined.. and the same results are shown, a DL admin cannot "find" users who are a global admin.

    Obviously as a global admin, i can search for and find other users who are admins to add to lists.

    What Grant/Right would i be missing here? i thought "listAccounts" under global, would have been able to catch *everyone* - including admins?

    So, steps to reproduce are:

    Create/Modify a regular user - set them to be a global admin.
    Add another regular user, to the zimbradladmin group, and add them as an "administrator" in their account preferences

    Log into the admin console as the dladmin user, try and add the global admin user to the list - by trying to "find" them on the right hand side of the memberlist pane.

    It was pretty much copied from the following page... (which BTW has a typo in the doco, for the "domain" listAccount - the target is the DL domain - not DL email address)

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