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Thread: zmpurgemessages leaving emails in inbox

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    Default zmpurgemessages leaving emails in inbox

    I have users for which their email address should simply be an alias to another email address (not hosted in my zimbra server). Since aliases in zimbra can only forward to accounts on the same zimbra host, I created a "placeholder" class of service which I use for these accounts.

    I've setup this class of service to clear everything after 1 day (Email, Trashed and Spam message lifetime settings are all set to 1 day). The problem is zmpurgemessages does not clear the inboxes after 1 day as the Email message lifetime setting says it should so all emails accumulates in these inboxes (people with these accounts will never log in Zimbra). I made a couple of tests and zmpurgemessages clear emails that are in the Trash and Spam folder ok but it does not clear the inbox!

    Is that a bug or is it just me not understanding what the Email message lifetime setting is supposed to do? If it's the latter, how should I set up alias to external addresses that won't result in emails accumulating in inboxes?


    (I'm using 4.0.3)

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    Default zmpurgemessages

    I believe that auto-forward mailboxes are covered elsewhere in the forums.

    zmpurgemessages has a minimum of 30 days for mail message lifetime to avoid really catastrophic errors. If you set this number lower than 30 days, we round up. (You can set the trash and spam lifetimes as low as you want.)
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    Default forward configs

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    The auto-forward feature is what I use for these accounts but I didn't realize users have the option to not keep a copy on the server but administrators can't set this feature unless they log in each of these mailboxes one by one ... that would be a good feature to add, letting admins specify that a local copy should kept or not for accounts with auto-forwards that are hidden or not from the user.

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