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Thread: Thunderbird 5.0 AD Authorization problem

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    Exclamation Thunderbird 5.0 AD Authorization problem

    Hi everyone! i have some problems with user authorization using Zimbra ZCS 7.1.2 running on Debian 5.0 x64
    and Thunderbird 5.0. I've setup the AD authorization and it's working
    really nice, but only in web-interface. Thunderbird is telling me that
    "username or password incorrect", no matter how i try to make it work.
    I've rechecked all the options and logins|passwords, remove and re-added
    all certificates, prays to all gods i know, exept chaos gods, but still
    when i try to connect through thunderbird, zimbra does not accept
    password. What shoud i do? Has enyone got this problem?

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    Use port 587 as the Submission port (Authentication required) and if you still get an error look in the log files (and search the forums) for information on the problem.


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    If you are running virtual domains, or your setup is not correct for the default domain, you should also check whether you need to enter any virtual hosts.

    Another option is to try to use a user login of "useraccount@domain" rather than just "useraccount", if that works then you know it's a domain/hostname issue (Manage Domain -> choose your domain, edit -> Virtual Hosts).
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