I have the following problem, the server was installed Zimbra had disc problems in installing the operating system and zimbra but the index and store was stored on another hard drive.

It reinstalled the server and ran the setup and data, this process was previously carried out safely at all, but now I can not access Webmail and running them anything with zmprov get the following error:
ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (invoke Read timed out, server: localhost) (cause: java.net.SocketTimeoutException Read timed out).

If i attempt to access webmail, my browser just sits and spins. It doesnt timeout, it just never loads the login. Makes me think it's getting something, just not anything useful.

But the Zimbra server starts normally.
The version is: CentOS5 FOSS 6.0.7_GA_2473.RHEL5_20100616214455 Edition