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Thread: Moving messages from Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook to Zimbra

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    Default Moving messages from Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook to Zimbra

    Simple way (it's work!):

    - You must have enabled IMAP server in Zimbra (informations only for Zimbra admins)!

    1. Add in your desktop Client (Thunderbird / Outlook) zimbra IMAP server (new IMAP user account - eg. my account IMAP1 - use IMAP / IMAP4, not POP3 protocol).

    2. Move in Thunderbird or Outlook your messages - drag and drop - from your local desktop client folder (like local Sent mail) to Zimbra account IMAP structure.

    3. (OPTIONAL STEP) Modify your folder structure for best visualisation from Zimbra web client or Zimbra Desktop Client


    Extension for Mozilla Thunderbird:

    For Thunderbird client you can also use a Zindus (addon extension) software for addressbook migration:

    Thunderbird can also export your contacts to standard addressbook format.

    IMAP spec:
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