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Thread: Restore account !

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    Question Restore account !

    I want to restore an account from backup dated 18/9/2011 but i want the user to have the mails and all other data received after 18/9/2011 to remain as it is... Can anyody help...I tried zmrestore with incrlabel which restored with all data till 18/9 but has removed everything after that..
    Please can anyone help? Please tell me !!!
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    Hi wooby,

    As far as I know the 'zmrestore' util doesn't provide an "undelete" option that restores deleted/backupped mail to a mailbox without deleting new contents.

    However, you can restore all backupped data to a new address of your choice, and than move the mail you need to the "original" account using a share:

    zmrestore -a -ca -pre restored_ --restoreToTime "2011/09/18 08:00:00"
    This command restores all data backupped prior 18/9/2011 08am to an account called "".
    You now have one account with all the emails since 18/09 ( and one with all the emails prior to 18/09 (

    You can then share restored_user1's folders to the original account and move all the emails you need.

    Have a nice day,
    Cine - Community Manager - ZeXtras

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