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Thread: Distribution List ACL issue with external email

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    Default Distribution List ACL issue with external email


    I have a distribution list setup that is setup to only allow certain people to email it. It is working for those internal users who have been granted access.

    I tried adding in a specific external email as shown in the 7.1 admin guide, under Section 11 and "Manage Access to Distribution Lists"

    The grant to allow the specific external email is not working.
    I have tried restarting the entire system but still does not work.
    Is there a way to make it work or another way to do this?

    Here's example of command I used:
    zmprov grr dl testdl@local.domain gst user@external.domain "" sendToDistList

    If I use this it shows to be allowed: zmprov ckr dl testdl@local.domain user@external.domain sendToDistList
        target type  : dl
        target       : testdl@local.domain
        grantee type : gst
        grantee      : user@external.domain
        right        : sendToDistList
    Obviously email & distribution list were changed.
    Last edited by frankchavez; 11-10-2011 at 10:33 AM. Reason: Issue fixed.

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    Fixed with latest version.

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