We started off running v5 without errors and upgraded to 6 when that was stable enough.

After using 6 for a couple of years, without issues, upgraded to to 7.1.2 which I am now finding the worst mistake possible..

Zimbra going down god knows how many times a week... 4 times today so far.

After going through the logs and tracing the error to IMAP sessions... Contacted Zimbra to report the issue..

They required a full capture of the system logs which were sent off and diagnosed the same error and stated that I was running into the bug 63100... bug fix on way .... or not

This was first reported in August and since then Zimbra might run for 10 mins or 2 days. Same locking error every time.

I am getting very hacked off with being told "Checking when we can release the fix"

its been fixed in 7.1.1 come on already...and release for 7.1.2...

I am now going to have to spend this week to downgrade the system to 7.1.1...

So has anyone tried this? I will most likely take a two server approach to this and then migrate data from one to another, test and deploy.

Just feeling p***ed off with Zimbra support at the moment...