I am hoping this is a fairly straight forward question to answer but first.

I have searched the forums for OS migration issues and the only thing I can find is migration from zimbra 4.5 to 5.0 issues and/or EOL platfroms. There is a 32 bit to 64 bit migration wiki but that is not relevant in my case either.

With that said, I am thinking this will be fairly straight forward but I am just trying to avoid any gotcha's.

First, I am running 64 bit Centos 5.5 and zimbra 6.0.9. foss

I have planned to migrate to 64 bit Ubuntu 10.04LTS and zimbra 7 foss

So far I have created my Ubuntu 10.04LTS server as a mirror image of my CentOS 5 server. Split DNS in tact and host names exactly the same

i.e. mail.server1.com

The only thing different is the 64 bit os and ip addresses. I have been able to dig up that zimbra is not dependent on the ip address.

So I have stopped zimbra on the Centos system and copied over the /opt/zimbra directory.

this is where I am getting nervous about success.

on the Ubuntu 10.04 server:

- Should i just run ./install.sh against 7.1.1 and do the os mirgration and upgrade all in one step or

- Should i run ./install.sh against 6.0.10 then follow that up with ./install.sh against 7.1.1


Are there any ./install.sh parms that I need to consider as well?