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Thread: Diffeent Size Attachments per users, not globaly

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    Default Diffeent Size Attachments per users, not globaly

    Is it possible to have a global size for attachments like 10 MB, and allow some users to be able to send bigger attachments, or have other users with a lower limit.

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    I don't see anywhere that you can set the attachment size per user.
    zmprov ga emailaddress, does not show an attribute for attachment size.
    If you do increase the attachment size, don't forget as I did to bump the maximum email size in global-settings->mta->max message size.
    Suse 11.2 Zimbra 7.0

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    But can you limit the email size per user, no only for the mail that users receive.

    According to this

    zmprov ma accountB@domain.tld amavisMessageSizeLimit 1048576

    the above command will enable something like this per user, but apparently is only for receiving mail. Not for outgoing email.

    One of the posters wrote the following.

    This does not restrics the sending message size but blocks receiving mails above the specified size. Please assist me anything needs to be done.

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