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    Hello everyone Zimbra Lovers,
    using ZCS 7.1.2 with no problems, everything works ok with CentOS 5.6 x86_x64. My biggest problem is SPAM.

    Some mailboxes receive large amounts of spam in the Italian language that are not filtered.

    Searching google I found this solution: Improving Zimbra Spam Filter « Evilangelist What do you think?
    I would like to be able to block emails that contain specific words in the content such as "pills" or "viagr*" is it possible?

    Thank you.
    a newbie

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    The answer would depend on what changes, if any, you've already made to things like the Kill/Tag percentages, what RBLs you're using, why these emails are getting through the anti-spam syste, what happens if you mark them as Spam etc. and whether you've made any other changes to the anti-spam system? You should look at the Zimbra wiki article on the subject for some other changes you can make (and also search the forums): Search - Zimbra :: Wiki


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    I am going to tell you the things I have done to help reduce spam dramatically. I work for a school district in the u.s. so not sure if you'd be able to implement the same stuff I have. I put a bunch of rules in our firewall to block most foreign IP addresses. This alone reduced the amount of spam we receive by a lot. I also tightened up the tag/kill percentages. I also am utilizing the black list and the blacklist. I also trained our employees on how they can blacklist email addresses and taught them to mark unwanted emails as spam. Between doing all of that we have reduced our spam significantly.

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    Hi Users,
    After this post i documented better and followed the guide: Improving Anti-spam system - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Enabling services: SPF,Razor2,Pyzor,DCC

    how can I check that work?
    I tried sending GTUBE Code but the mail is received.
    Please am desperate.

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