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Thread: Manipulating calendar invitation where the organizer account has been removed

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    Default Manipulating calendar invitation where the organizer account has been removed


    We have a weird case we need to work out how to proceed on.

    The scenario is:

    We have a location calendar for one of our meeting rooms called MEETINGROOM
    We have USER-A

    The situation is:
    USER-A invites RECIPIENTS to a recursive meeting in MEETINGROOM location.

    Now, USER-A has finished up working for us, and the account has been removed from the system.

    And now in each RECIPIENT and MEETINGROOM calendar, the appointment remains, still showing the organiser is USER-A... but, we can now not remove, change, manipulate this meeting at all.

    Each recipient and the meetinroom do not have any kind of access to re-own this meeting, or make any changes.

    if we try to, say, propose a new time, the request is sent to user-a's address which is no longer valid... or change recipients etc - we cant...

    Basically we have had a senior level employee leave, and theres at least 20 recurring appointments that need to be a)removed or b) modified.

    If i restore the user account from backup - this then lets me manipulate the appointments and such - but i dont want to have that account live (as it wastes a user license)... and deleting them (from user-a's restored account) and having someone else create a new appointment to replace it - seems unintuitive, as then everyone will have to re-accept the meetings again.

    We need (as an admin at least) a way to manipulate ownership of appointments somehow....

    Any ideas?

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