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Thread: X-Spam-Score since 7.1.2 upgrade

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    Default X-Spam-Score since 7.1.2 upgrade

    We upgraded to 7.1.2 and our spam has went out of control.

    Has anyone else noticed the X-Spam-Scores showing more negative numbers than before? If you look at email from same people(ham) before and after the upgrades, the X-Spam-Score looks to be 2-6 less than before. Is this something to do with different versions of spamassasin?

    We have tightened the MTA kill to 50 and 10 on the tag but still getting a lot of complaints from our users about spam ever since we upgraded 6.04 to 7.1.2

    We even got a trial account with spamhaus but the spam is still worse then before the upgrade.


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    Yes, your spamassassin config can be changed (and user preference config).

    Check also amavisd.conf for spamassassin section.

    Now I don't know which version of spamassassin works in Zimbra 6. But if the difference spamassassin between versions 6 and 7 is too big of spam control settings may not work as before.
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    yep, we're seeing the same thing after upgrading from 6.12 to 7.1.2 <frowning>

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