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Thread: 501 5.1.3 Bad recipient when sending to catch all

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    Default 501 5.1.3 Bad recipient when sending to catch all

    Hi guys,

    Firstly I hope i have posted this in the right place. I have looked in the forums and the various posts I have found have not solved this issue for me as I am not using a split domain or anything like that.

    I set up a "temporary" catch-all (Whilst I confirm exactly which aliases I am using) on one of my domains. If I send an email to this domain (Let's take the example I get an error (The mail comes through) with the email saying it's been relayed to my email address (The ctach all) but not to "" because of
    501 5.1.3 Failed, id={message id}, from MTA([]:10025): 501 5.1.3 Bad recipient address syntax

    I set the catch all up using the
    zmprov modifyAccount zimbraMailCatchAllAddress
    shown in
    Managing domains wiki page. (Domain catchall section)

    Does anyone know of a way to stop this error? Adding the alias concerned does seem to solve the problem but I see that as a work around rather than a solution.


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    I'm having the same issue. Does anyone know how to fix this?


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