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Thread: Creation of Mailboxes via a shell script

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    Default [SOLVED] Creation of Mailboxes via a shell script

    Has anyone created a shell script similar to what is described below?

    Scenario: An automated windows script creates a comma-delimited list of current users in Active Directory and places it on the Samba share of an Ubuntu / Zimbra server on a daily basis. A cron job runs every hour looking for the file in the samba share.

    Pseudo code for the Ubuntu script:

    If /srv/samba/share/adlist.csv Exists
      Move /srv/samba/share/adlist.csv To /temp/adlist.csv
      While Not End of File (/temp/adlist.csv)
        If Not Exist File.UserID in Zimbra
          Create Zimbra Mailbox (File.UserID, File.FirstName, File.LastName, File.Password, DistributionList.Everyone)
          If successful mailbox creation
            Write "Creation of UserID success!" To LogFile
          Else if not successful mailbox creation
            Write "Creation of UserID failed due to error such-n-so" To LogFile
        Read Next Line
      Delete /temp/adlist.csv
      If LogFile Exists
        Email LogFile to Administrators
    Sample adlist.csv
    UserID, FirstName, LastName, Password
    JDoe, John, Doe, abc123
    MJane, Mary, Jane, xyz321
    ArnoldS, Arnold, Swartzensomething, gun4u
    I have found the zmprov command-line documentation to "getAccount" and "createAccount" but I'm not well-versed in unix scripting and file manipulation. Any pointers, examples and whatnot would be appreciated.

    EDIT: In case anyone wants to know, I did get AD Authentication and AD GAL working but it just works better if everything is controlled on the Zimbra side. Therefore, I'm avoiding the direct AD integration and opt'ing for a semi-automated sync.

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