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Thread: Setting password policy for all the users under the domain

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    Default Setting password policy for all the users under the domain

    Dear all,

    Before when we deployed the mail server all our users had simple passwords and now we have decided to force all the users to set complicated passwords with some rules that we have defined. Since 500 users are using this server, I under stood that editing all the users accounts individually and defining the password policy is not possible at all.

    Is there any CLI command or any other way to define the password policy and force all the users to change their passwords at a single point of time.

    Zimbra 7.1.1 with ubuntu 10.04 64 bit edition

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    this post might help you

    batch processing zimbra commands « Flylife!

    you'd just want to modify the zmprov getallaccounts command to get just teh doamin accounts

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