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Thread: Connection Refused 7025 vs Blacklist

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    Default Connection Refused 7025 vs Blacklist

    i am indonesian, not good in english. sorry if you cant understand.

    we have our own mail server using zimbra. few days ago, our company start install fiber optics. so our ISP changes a lot of network configuration.

    mail server works right as usually till 14 oct. we start cant receive any email using zimbra.i check in mail queues (admin panel), there are 300+ mails deferred, from a lot of domain (yahoo, gmail, ourdomain, etc).

    i try to contact our ISP but they just give me respond that our IP got listed by TIOPAN. i try to contact tiopan, n there is still no answer from them, while we got to make mail server works.

    in mail queues, i hover my pointer to the defered mail detail, the reasons say : "connect to domain[our_ip]:7025:connection refused"

    what should i do? i am not pro in mail.. please help me.!

    our mail server ip
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    Take a look at some of the forum threads on this topic: +"7025:connection refused" - Yahoo! Search Results

    I'll also move this to the correct forum as it's not a question about Zimbra Desktop (which is where you've posted).


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