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Thread: Certain spamassassin scores not changing from default

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    Default Certain spamassassin scores not changing from default

    I have a few spamassassin scores I have changed from default. I have been checking and most of them have been working great. However, I noticed one specific rule that will not update.


    Default is 1.553 and I changed it to .5 in the and the I have all of my custom rules in both of these files. I have made a few other changes since changing this rule and they all worked. I always run zmamavisdctl restart and zmmtactl restart and zmantispamctl restart after every config change.

    Do I need to manually change this rule in of the specific config files? Are there other rules like this one that may take special concideration?


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    I figured out my own problem.

    I started adding rules with scores below 1 and didn't put a 0 before the decimal.

    old score .2
    new score 0.2 (this one works now)


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