I have new instalation of Zimbra Open Source 7.0.1.
I have on my old zimbra server many domains but without certyficate.

Now i want add ssl certyficate to couple domain in my new Zimbra server.
I read that the only way to do this is to use Zimbra Proxy and virtual host so i install Proxy and Memcached and configure my base domain and one other domain exactly like on this instruction SSL certificates per domain - Zimbra :: Wiki. Unfortunately that not work for me. I try this firemike instruction from http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...l-problem.html, Unfortunately that not work for me. Still when i try to use address server.seconddomain.com zimbra show me cert from server.basedomain.com (in both instruction).

Question is, can I configure this property on Open Source edition of Zimbra?
My goal is to make multiple ssl certificates on a single ZCS server it is posible without virtual hosts configuration?
And last - i don't configure nothing more in zimbra proxy than in this two instruction, maybe i must configure proxy first?