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Thread: Mail to unrecognised users should be denied not bounced

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    Default Mail to unrecognised users should be denied not bounced

    Have installed Zimbra and am very happy with it. Only one thing remains:

    The server accepts mail to anyone in our domain whether they exist or not. I have tried the postconf -e something_unrecognised_users=yes as was suggested in another post (I entered the command correctly at the time even though I can't remember it totally now). However this made no difference.
    Also I am getting the warning warning: do not list domain in BOTH mydestination and virtual_mailbox_domains

    Can anybody help. I don't want my server to be used to send undeliverable notifications to people unnecessarily (e.g. for spam purposes).


    Matt Pearson

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    Default Worked around it for now

    I followed the instructions in
    to create a 'Spam hole' that throws away all mail it receives. I then set-up lots of aliases so that commonly spammed addresses do accept mail (without bouncing), but just throw away the messages.

    It was the
    POSTCONF smtpd_reject_unlisted_recipient yes
    change in that I tried (and the associated postconf commands) that made no difference to whether or not messages are bounced for my domains when the recipient doesn't exist. I wonder if this is because I have a few domains that are aliases to the master domain, is it the alias domains accept the mail and then the master bounces it?

    Any help would be great

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