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Thread: disable alias login?

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    Why don't you create a Distribution List instead of an Alias? Just add the one
    account to the DL and you're done. The only difference of an Alias is that you can Login with that Alias while a DL can't. At least this works for me.
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    I have voted too.
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    Lol one DL each alias -
    Thats not a solution its a very ugly Workaround and im not even shure if it would work with alias Domains

    Not to mention that if you have the networkedition and user can dminister themself this option falls apart

    you end up with many accounts and their aliases as DL and many with regular aliases - not a bright idea

    Btw it doesnt help anyway as long the returnpath is not fixed.

    ATM the returnpath is always your login - so its quiet simple to disciver the real account names - nice security breach

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