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Thread: Auto Saved to Draft Issue.

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    Default Auto Saved to Draft Issue.

    I have zimbra solution deployed at my end.

    I am facing this wired problem.

    Whenever I am composing any mail from my Internet datacard after typing just 3-4 line my mail directly gets saved in drafts but once I finish typing mail and clik on send button gets disabled.

    Then again I need to login to zimbra go to drafts---> Select the mail & send it.

    Please help me how can I address this issue?....

    Anybody faced this problem anytime.

    About the frequency of this issue. Out of 10 times 2 times I have faced this issue...

    Attaching screenshot for reference.
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    what's in your log file /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log?

    Also, you have to give us the output of this command and update your profile with this information.


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    Default mailbox logs

    Hey hi,

    attaching mailbox.log
    please check
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